About Us
Welcome to our agency.  We are a client centered organization that employs evidenced based treatments in a caring, safe, and non-judgmental  environment.  We are a group that recognizes we all have different needs and therefore we employ a diverse and integrative approach based on our clients needs.     
We are passionate about personal growth and self-actualization which can emerge through the therapeutic process.  Individuals may not become “real” unless they become self-aware and accepting of who they are.  Many find it difficult to be authentic because of the judgments and self-hatred they may have experienced throughout their lives.   
These judgments may be based upon a physical, emotional, or mental challenge that an individual has no control over.  Our lives are full of lessons, or challenges, which can be used in discovering who we are.  The key to meeting a challenge is to first acknowledge it and then re-frame what that “challenge” really means and come to an acceptance of it.  Therapy allows an individual to process these lessons and frame them in positive ways for an authentic and empowering life.
​Our clinical work has been in working with individuals from diverse backgrounds.  The practice is centered in acknowledging, appreciating, and understanding cultural diversity, not only in race and ethnicity, but also in addressing issues of gender, persons with disabilities, older adults, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender people.
We recognize that it can be difficult to confront our problems especially with a "stranger".  We invite you to come in and get to know our practice and independent contracted therapists...to begin your journey to an authentic and empowering life. 
We look forward to hearing from you!